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Set in the 17th century, the Age of Discovery, Kwansema’s Choice, is a sequel to Aboakyer. The Hunt of The Effutu People, which is available at and Kindle bookstores. Aboakyer was first published in 2010.

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In Aboakyer, the misdemeanor of Her Royal Highness Ɔmanbaatan Adwoa Nana Ntropo, wife of Nenyi Gyata, King of the Effutu State, led to a change in an age-old tradition of the Effutu people, where each year an indigene of royal blood was sacrificed to the gods.

Ntropo willfully connived with Kuntu, the High Priest of the Penkye Otu shrine, to substitute Mbir, son of Oburumanko, the illustrious commander of the No.1 fighting brigade, to be sacrificed to the gods because Mbir had declined her offer to marry her only child, Princess Kwansema. Much to the annoyance of Ntropo, Mbir had chosen Maame Esi, the daughter of Nkumale, the baker, to be his wife.

To curry support from the High Priest for her plan, she further offered her daughter to the High Priest to marry. But on account of his advanced age, the High Priest wisely declined the offer and took the gold Ntropo offered as her alternative proposition.

The Asafo fighting forces, to which Mbir belonged, suspected foul play. They freed Mbir and hid him. The High Priest was struck down by the anger of the gods, and Ntropo confessed her misdeeds in public. Kwansema was sorely scandalized by her exposure to public ridicule, and piqued by how they involved Mbir, her childhood friend, who had become the ‘brother’ she never had.

For their role in the scandal the gods demanded that each year thereafter the Asafo atone with the blood of a live lion as a punitive substitute for the sacrifice of an Effutu royal.

Neither Kwansema’s father, His Royal Highness Ɔma Odefe Nenyi Gyata, nor her mother paid attention to Kwansema’s hurts — they both being preoccupied with other consequences of the scandal. Kwansema was depressed, left alone without a shoulder to cry on. And so she made her choice: to undertake a journey of self-discovery – a missing princess pursued by her childhood love.

Aboakyer and its sequel, Kwansema’s Choice are inspired by the history and rich traditions of the southern Guan tribes of Ghana. I believe history ought not only to be taught; but it must also be presented in forms that are enjoyable. The genre of historical fiction creates opportunity to embellish, humorize, and dramatize, to stimulate the interest of the consumer.

I trust you will find this book informing, educating and above all, entertaining.


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